How do I know that you will look after my vehicle?

The MBW team take a great deal of pride in our status as the highest rated Meet and Greet service for customer reviews at Heathrow. Our staff are mainly full-time staff and we have part-time registered and vetted contracted staff for cover. No agency or temporary staff!

You must ALWAYS remove your personal belongings from your vehicle. Whilst we trust our staff, we never check inside vehicles and therefore cannot be expected to take responsibility for anything left in customer cars. If you absolutely must leave certain belongings behind, you must note them on your handover paperwork and take photographs of the items.

Customers are required to photograph their vehicle at the drop-off area to confirm the condition in which you have left the vehicle. The airport car parks are public spaces and the photographs are essential in establishing any claim.

Will my vehicle be insured?

Absolutely, our extensive and industry leading insurance cover is one of our USP’s. MBW have one of the best insurance policies in the industry and all of our drivers are covered on a fully comprehensive basis. Customer cars are also insured whilst they are parked on our premises, not many companies offer this additional cover so be sure to check and make sure that your car is fully insured for the entire duration – not only whilst in transit. Also, the insurance for drivers should not be limited across the company and should be per vehicle. An example, if the company has an overall £50,000.00 annual cover – this won’t go very far with an expensive vehicle. Each and every vehicle we drive is insured up to £100,000.00 from the minute we collect it to the moment we return it to you. Terms & Conditions apply.

What is Park Mark?

Park Mark Logo

Park Mark is awarded by the Police and the British Parking Association’s Safer Parking Scheme. There is a vigorous assessment undertaken by specially trained police assessors who visit the premises and ensure that customer vehicles are being parked in a suitable and safe environment. They also check overall general management practises of the car park operators in question.

How can I tell if a company is legitimate?

Check how long they have been trading for. Be sure to check that the company parking your vehicle has a secure car park with plenty of space. Are they Park Mark accredited? A good way to test the firm is to ask where the vehicle is going to be parked and will it be moved, tell them that the vehicle has a tracking device. This way you should find out quite soon if the company is nervous about telling you where they’ll be parking. Check the insurance and on-site cover and ensure that you know how far your vehicle will be driven. MBW staff will note the mileage on collection and delivery of your vehicle and we always know who is driving your vehicle. Make sure the company has a landline number and ALWAYS check online reviews.

A car is usually the second biggest investment we make after our homes, do your research before you book to avoid hassle later. Check the Park Mark website, social media and most importantly, ask the company if they are an approved operator at the airport in question.

Why are some other parking companies cheaper than you?

See above! And it is as true here as it is anywhere else, you get what you pay for! We charge a fair rate for our service and we do our utmost to make sure that your vehicle is safe for the entire time it is in our care. Our customers enjoy peace of mind at a reasonable price and we are renowned for providing an exceptional service overall!

I’m flying in and out of different Terminals, will this cost me more?

Not at all, we offer our customers flexibility as well as peace of mind.

Why can’t you meet me at the forecourt at all Terminals?

All meeting and delivery points are given to us by Heathrow Airport and we now meet our customers within the short stay car parks of all terminals. At Terminals 2, 3 and 5 we meet customers at Level 4, at Terminal 4 we meet customers at Level 2. Look for signs for OFF-AIRPORT and please call our staff if you need any assistance at all.

I’m staying in a hotel overnight before I travel, can you pick my car up from there?

Not a problem, we can collect customer vehicles from hotels and we do this for many customers where they will then simply use the hotel shuttle service to get to the terminal they are travelling from. On return, we’ll drive the vehicle to the terminal that you are arriving to. Please email us at contact@mbwparking.co.uk for full details.

Why don’t I just leave my car at the Hotel?

Hotel car parks are used by the public and any damage or issues will be down to you and/ or your insurer to sort out. Although there are never any guarantees, our car parks are Accredited by the Police, are patrolled 24/7 and there is NO public access. You’ll also have to use the shuttle service for when you return too if you park at the hotel, why not have your vehicle brought to you by our friendly staff so you can drive straight home?

Why does MBW ask customers to call 30 minutes before?

In case there is traffic, issues at the airport or you might simply be delayed or arriving early. We may have encountered other issues at the airport which have caused a delay. We manage our staff in accordance to customer requirements, the more we communicate with you and vice-versa, the better we find ourselves at managing customer expectations. We’re the highest rated meet and greet service at Heathrow and with over 27 years of experience behind us, we like to keep things simple!

Do you offer discounts for regular travellers and corporate customers?

Yes we do, please send us an email with your requirements and we’ll let you know how we can assist. Join us on Twitter for discount codes and keep an eye on our Offers page for current and forthcoming promotions.

Do you work with other corporate customers?

We have a large portfolio of corporate customers who use our services on a regular basis and are happy to assist you if you have a company or team that may benefit from our service. Discounts are available for corporate users.

What about referrals?

Please contact us on contact@mbwparking.co.uk to get the latest information on referral schemes and promotions

Are there height or length restrictions?

All the Short Stay Car Parks have height limits as follows.

  • Terminal 2 (Short Stay car park 2): 2.2 metres (7ft 2in)
  • Terminal 3 (Short Stay car park 3): 2.2 metres (7ft 2in)
  • Terminal 4 (Short Stay car park 4): 2.0 metres (6ft 6in)
  • Terminal 5 (Short Stay car park 5): 2.2 metres (7ft 2in)

We can collect your vehicle from the Over-height at the respective terminal and there is a minimum charge of £35.00 – this service MUST be pre-booked. Please email us at contact@mbwparking.co.uk if you have a vehicle that is more than 5m in length as additional charges will apply.

Please see the link below for directions and information;


Not sure which Terminal?


Full Heathrow Airport website including maps of the terminals, airport news and flight information.


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