How Meet & Greet Parking Works

Meet and Greet Parking with MBW is one of the most convenient and hassle free ways to park your vehicle before you fly away for your family holiday or your business trip. MBW can save you valuable time as well as making the whole parking process hassle free. Let the airport parking professionals concentrate on looking after your car so that you can enjoy your trip.

Meet and Greet Parking with MBW could not be easier.

Make a booking:

Once you have booked with us, you will receive a booking confirmation and directions on where to meet us at the relevant terminal. Simply put your dates in to the quote screen and obtain a price, be sure to check for MBW Discount Codes for Airport Parking at Heathrow.

On your way to the Airport:

We ask our customers to call us when approximately 30 minutes from reaching the terminal and we can inform you when a uniformed MBW driver will be available.

Meeting an MBW Meet and Greet Representative:

We always meet you at your vehicle. Your driver will assist you with your luggage and to help you to prepare for the next stage of your journey. We feel that this is much more personal than meeting you away from your car in the lift lobby.

Meeting you at your vehicle allows you the opportunity to check your vehicle over with staff and you can take photos of your car while our staff member is still present. Also remember to double check you have everything you need for your trip!

Why the photos?

When you meet your MBW driver, they will carry out a cursory check of the vehicle, we always encourage customers to take detailed photos of their vehicle from all angles. This is purely for your peace of mind and it is always good practise when leaving your car in someone else’s care.

MBW parking your vehicle:

Whilst your car is in our care, we will look after it as if it is our own. Our drivers are insured on a Comprehensive basis and they will drive your vehicle back to our secure car park for safe storage. Your vehicle is fully insured for the entire duration, on-site cover is included. Our car park has CCTV on entry, 24 hour security and there is no public access.

When you return:

After you have collected all of your luggage, call the Duty Controller on 020 8759 5252 and we’ll despatch your vehicle. Please check your vehicle whilst MBW staff are with you, we cannot accept liability for any issues reported once your vehicle has been removed from our care.

MBW will pay for 15 minutes of parking for your return and additional costs will need to be paid by the customer. When the vehicle has been signed back to you, staff will validate your exit ticket and you can make your way home!

Making things easier for you:

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See our FAQ’s page for more information on our award winning Meet and Greet service at Heathrow!

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